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Swingers Clubs & Lifestyle Travel Directory Swingers Club Lifestyle Travel Directory swinging parties canada swingaling

Helping swingers find the sexiest swinging & lifestyle parties across Canada!


Swingaling is a manually updated swingers directory listing swingers club in Canada and  lifestyle travel popular with Canadian swingers. Lifestyle resorts can be found in such exotic travel places as Mexico, Jamaica, Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa, Arizona, and Louisiana. Swingers cruises and international travel to lifestyle resorts such as the nude city in France called Cap d'Adge can take you to the next level of swinging. If you are aware that we have missed a swingers club or that one has recently closed, please use the form at the bottom of each page to let us know. Happy Swinging!


You can send us your own comments and reviews about every swingers club on their relevant page. This directory is edited by a real human couple that have been in the swingers lifestyle, including swingers resorts, swingers cruises and various swingers clubs and hotel take-overs.


Every listing that is submitted is read and approved by a person, manually. This entire process takes a long time but assures you that we are able to maintain a fairly large and accurate directory. If a swingers club or lifestyle group is listed here, then the information is real and verified. If the information is wrong or needs to be updated, please let us know.


Here are a few pointers to help you find a sexy
swingers club close to your Canadian city:


Find swingers clubs - It makes sense that the provinces with the most population will have swingers clubs already established. In the smaller regions of Canada with less population to attend these parties, people have been using private groups and hotel parties for their get together. is not affiliated with any clubs, groups or travel agents so we can tell you about all the swingers clubs and lifestyle parties in Canada. You would be surprised how many swingers are willing to travel for a good lifestyle party. Every night out offers new possibilities and surprises especially if you make a trip to your neighbouring swingers club or party a little off the beaten path.


Swingers newsletter - The newsletter is the single best way to keep up with what is going on in the Canadian swingers and lifestyle scene. Anytime a major swingers event is announced like a club opening or a cruise taking off, you will know about it first. The newsletter is free and only comes out once or twice a month.


Bookmark  - We've tried to go with a really cool unique name but you may not always remember it so it's a good idea to bookmark it. If you have kids in the house, make sure you create a sub-folder in your bookmarks / favorites list called 'Adults Only' and put it in there to keep the little ones away. 


Read the swingers product and travel reviews - Not all swingers websites are built the same and most are just there to cash in on your lack of knowledge about real swingers sites. You will need to put down some cash if you are serious about meeting other real people, but which sites are worth it and which sites will leave you wanting more, you can find out from our product reviews that include swingers websites, swingers toys, swingers video and anything else that is related to the swingers lifestyle.


Swingers Lifestyle Vacation - Many swingers are not swingers at all and would only ever consider swinging or swapping partners while on a vacation away from home. Holidays in warm climates do strange things to Canadians who indulge in alcohol and sexy bodies on display everywhere. We can't tell you how many nice folks we've been with that would never consider swapping partners while back at home in the 'normal' world.


We invite you to hang around, send us some feedback, submit information
about a club or party that we don't have listed on our site yet or even a
story you would like published in the newsletter - we welcome it all.